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  1. Besides knowledge of the most popular drinks recipes, a good understanding of the bartending techniques and good people skills are mandatory in order to work as a bartender. Beside that though, you’re also going to require the right equipment. There has never been a better time to drink at home. Because at this time, home is one of scant locations where you actually can drink—though, as the sun kicks itself into high gear and vaccine appointment slots fill up, you could be squished into a too-dark dive, spilling whiskey sodas on the shoes of the stranger breathing down your collar, in next to no time. (Do we miss it? Hell yeah we miss it.) These 10 starter supplies will have you well on your way…all that’s left is to browse our recipes for some thirst-quenching inspiration. 1. Bar Spoon 2. Julep Strainer 3. Mixing Glass 4. Cocktail Shaker 5. Jigger 6. Zester 7. Bar Trolley 8. Ceramic Knife 9. Ice Cube Trays 10. Citrus Juicer It’s true that bars usually employ professional equipment, but a basic set should be a good starting point. And since they cost as little as 30 dollars, they’re definitely within everyone’s budget. Regardless of the bartender set you’re going to get, it’s important that it has the following tools: a jigger, bar spoon, strainer and a cocktail shaker. However, you should also get a blender, since it’s essential for preparing a wide range of drinks. So build a home bar rig for yourself that passes muster. Finally learn the difference between a coupe and a Collins. Invest in good ice, because ice is a vital cocktail ingredient in itself. Purchase the tools that'll teach you the skills that'll last you a lifetime of home-stirred Negronis. Cocktail shakers, Boston shakers, cobbler shakers, Whiskey Glasses. No matter the name or style, barhomevip.com have the whole range for bartenders, bar owners, and home bar collectors. From stainless steel professional models, to plastic three piece and novelty mixed drink shakers, we strive to bring you the best bar tools at the lowest prices!
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