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    EA has announced plans for a cross-play test to be held within FIFA 22 for all players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia. The test will be limited to the game's Online Seasons and Online Friendlies mode, and let you play together with a friend or against rivals, regardless of their console.

    In addition, FIFA 23 will contain both the men's and women's World Cups, with EA expanding its licensing partnership across all the major leagues to drive and build a single FIFA experience that brings males and females together.

    The news comes following a VGC report, where EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that he was looking to drop the FIFA brand from its games, calling it an “impediment.” Wilson claimed that the association had prevented them from expanding its game modes beyond the traditional 11v11. He also suggested that the only value EA ever got from the FIFA license in a non-World Cup year was the “four letters on the box.”

    If a next-gen owner wants to join a Pro Clubs game, or play Ultimate Team Co-op, they are forced to download the last-gen file of FIFA 22.

    Assuming the leaks are true, EA will likely have to take cues from CoD or Fortnite to make crossplay a smooth experience. Much like the two games mentioned, the username attached to players’ EA accounts may well be how you add players on different platforms to your FIFA friendslist.

    FIFA 23 is also reported to feature improvements to its new Hypermotion Technology, which is a next-gen motion capture technique that combines real-life 11v11 recordings with machine learning to deliver realistic movement. Henderson claims that the technology has been enhanced “tenfold,” to the point where developers can now capture animations from real matches via stadium cameras.

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